At Main Street Yoga

A year ago, I returned to your class in search of human contact - AND your soothing voice, your warm countenance, your great teaching skills, the wonderful poetry you shared, all guiding and training my mind and body. Your class was one of the buoys I held onto this past year.

Kristin Sage

Advancing Your Yoga Practice

February 1st - March 8th

This 6-week course is offered for those students looking for the tools to deepen a personal practice whether practicing at home or in a group. Each class will provide a body of specific knowledge, a postural sequence to inform understanding, and reflection or deep relaxation for integration. Each week will offer a building block to enhance your personal practice and to provide a cohesive course of study to refine understanding of the system of yoga for individual development. Classes may be taken on interest or as a full course of study - details coming soon: