Kristin is thoughtful and respectful of all participants in class. She problem solves to maximize the benefit of each exercise for each participant, and adjusts the class to make it appropriate for those in attendance. I have taken and enjoyed yoga before, but hadn't, until finding this class, found a class that fits my needs so well. -Dee

Kristin Sage

Ms.Sage is very creative in how she tailors the yoga practice to the needs and abilities of her students. I am a student in this class myself and feel that it is one of the best things to happen to me since I had a stroke which left me hemiplegic eight years ago. Going to Ms. Sage's class makes me feel as though my life is back on track after a train wreck.-Michael

Currently by private appointment only

This approach modifies more physical yoga practices for those who have limited mobility due to age, injury, or a disabling condition. All movements done from a chair or wheelchair, with a focus on creating strength and stability in core areas, using breath to manage movement and stress, and learning meditation and visualization techniques. Students are provided gentle guidance to develop yoga practices on an individual level and adaptations are implemented to accommodate specific needs. Family members, friends, caretakers, & other professionals are welcome to attend.

Contact Kristin to discuss your interest and scheduling options.