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Creating a space for live-streaming classes

By now many of us have made the adjustment to making connections in a virtual community, and I'm so grateful for the tech tools that allow us to continue to come together safely and include folks even when at a distance. If you haven't joined a live-streaming class yet or are looking for a ways to improve your experience, here are some tips for making the most of our new format.

  • Designate a space | Look for a place free of hazards with an even floor with plenty of *wing room* for arms and legs. Make it intentional with a lit candle, a view of nature, or anything you'd like to bring to your practice space.

  • Consider screen position | Classes can be live-streamed from your home PC, laptop, tablet, or phone - when possible, you'll be able to view your screen without a lot of struggle or strange contortion of your spine, should you need to see a posture being described.

  • Props and alternatives | A yoga mat creates a clear space for practice, but so can a clean wood floor or non-plush carpet. A firm blanket or towel can help support the hips, knees, and neck and are suggested for most people. Blocks give great assists, but alternatives include solid books, shoe or kleenex boxes, the seat of a chair or other solid surface. Many items in the home space can be used in creative ways to support your practice - ask for options if you're needing ideas.

  • Easy online registration | Try your first class for free when you create an account with MomoYoga and book a class with Sage Yoga. Watch for an email with a Zoom link (from MomoYoga) on the day of class to join seamlessly. Return to your account to book future classes and purchase passes.

  • Join to your comfort | It's fine to practice with your screen off or to jump in at the last minute. Or join in anytime 15 minutes before class begins to connect with community and to have ample time get settled. I'll linger about 5 minutes after class or use the chat to ask questions or make suggestions.

  • Need to cancel? Didn't get a link? | If you're unable to cancel your booking prior to the start of class, please email me so that I can credit your account. If you joined a class at the last minute and other occasional glitches may delay the Zoom link for class - if you don't see one in your inbox, please contact me so I can send a link to you directly.