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I have always been an active person, connected to the rhythms of nature and the power of having a body. In my mid-twenties, I began to explore practices of stillness, mindfulness and meditation being inspired by Ram Dass's Grist for the Mill and a perspective-altering experience climbing mountains in the Yosemite National Forest. I had already dabbled in Hatha yoga practices, having a full 4-color picture book of postures as a child and a friend who encouraged me to join classes with Roger Eischens - about the time I had also sparked my interest in meditation - some time in the mid-90's. A few years later, I was fortunate to cross paths with Scott Anderson, founder of Alignment Yoga. What I learned in my early years of studying the vast system of yoga has informed a great deal of what I understand about the structure of the body, an efficient approach to harness energy, and a non-violent entry into a yoga practice. Over time, I have found a wide range of teachers and masters who have helped to build a body of wisdom for my personal practice and what I bring to my teaching.

My best teacher, however, has been my own vessel - from youthful vigor, to injury, to resiliency, to the daily shifts in energy, to a growing awareness of the vulnerability of time and aging - I see these practices as the means to move through these shifts gracefully and with energy and purpose in every day. Daily meditation combined with bicycling, time in nature, gardening, eating foods right for me, slow strolls, silence, play, and time with kind, intelligent people are woven into the fabric of my life and what create contentent and ease with the constancy of change.

I began teaching in 2003, and have been providing group and individual yoga instruction to the Madison community. I have worked with people who display a wide range of movement traits from hypermobility to limited mobility to athletes to the just beginning - all people trying to build a meaningful connection between mind, body, and other aspects of energy. I come with a sense for the subtle and a creative lens for possibility - offering attentive and intelligent guidance to provide a more refined sense of moving, breathing, and perceiving.