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Centered Yoga

Recorded classes focus on basic movements and healthy alignment to promote a safe self-guided yoga practice. Centered Yoga mat classes offer breath-directed movement balanced with generous stillness inviting students to access core strength, fluid movement, and a more harmonious perspective on living. Offered with some adaptations using props and other tools, students should have a comfort with moving from the floor to standing without assistance, as well as monitoring their own energy.

Video library includes access to both mat classes and Yoga Nidra practices. Your day pass, weekly or monthly memberships allow you to access mulitple classes a day and at a time that fits your schedule. Newcomers and returning students are welcome to access video classes but if you are pregnant, recovering from surgery, illness, injury or have any concerns regarding your health please consult a physician before entering a new exercise program.


MomoYoga provides a steamlined system for booking classes, payment and pass options, and seamless connection with Zoom for classes you've signed up to attend. Contact Kristin if you have questions about how to sign up, buying passes, or other tech issues.