Centered Yoga

Mondays | Fridays
9:00-10:00 am via Zoom
Check-in begins 8:45am

*Registration closes one hour before class begins

Advance Booking Available*
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Contact Kristin if unable to register.

Class Prices

One time | $15
5-class Pass | $60
10-class Pass | $100

Centered Yoga

Virtual classes will focus on basic movements and healthy alignment to promote a safe *home* yoga practice. Breath-directed movement balanced with generous stillness invite students to access core strength, fluid movement, and a more harmonious perspective on living. Offered with some adaptations based on the virtual setting, students should have a comfort with moving from the floor to standing without assistance, as well as monitoring their own energy.

If available, please use blankets, blocks, or straps to support your practice - but we will move through each sequence without relying on props. Newcomers are welcome, but please check in prior to your first class if you are pregnant, recovering from surgery, illness, injury or have any concerns regarding your health.

You will find a more steamlined system for registering for classes, payment inlcuding pass options, and secure access to classes you have signed up to attend via the platform MomoYoga. This will require a one time registration and links seamlessly with Zoom when you book a class that you want to attend. Please note - registration closes one hour prior to class start time - and a Zoom link is sent 1/2 hour before class begins. Contact Kristin if you are unable to book a class that you would like to attend or have questions about the registration process.