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Moving Freely

Connective Tissue and Healthy Embodiment

Saturday, March 10th | 1-4:00 pm

Healthy embodiment is influenced by a harmonious connection between the distinctive function of each part. The connective tissue gives a lens to explore this possibility - dynamic, intelligent, and the structure that holds us all together. In this three hour immersion, we will:

  • Discover the role of the connective tissue in knitting together the whole body, and in rebuilding after illness, surgery, or injury.

  • Learn principals of alignment - on and off the mat - to support robust joints, a supple muscle body, and well-functioning organs.

  • In a creative Movement Lab, explore familiar yoga postures and the effect of movements on the continuum of connective tissue and the influence on overall health.

  • Put into practice this new understanding, in a moderate flow-based practice bringing awareness to the layers of fascia in a purposeful sequencing.

  • Unwind unconscious tension after an energizing movement practice with supported rest and guided meditation, providing space for integration.

  • at Main Street Yoga

    $35 advance registration | $45 drop in
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